The County’s Small Grants Programme (SGP) makes available grant funding to assist Clubs to improve their facilities and pitches. The funding exists principally to provide a kick-start to major capital projects, such as the building of a new clubhouse or to improve changing room facilities, but subject to the financial resources being available, it is also used to support smaller projects.  Grants from the SGP are available to all the County’s clubs.


The SGP will be run in two phases, which will allow clubs that have yet to formulate their respective club development/facilities plans for the coming season an opportunity later in the year to apply. Grant awards will be based on each application’s strict adherence to the CB’s strategic priorities.

The timetable, which allows for monies to be awarded and disbursed within the County’s accounting period for both phases, will be as follows:

Phase 1Applications are invited now, to be received by 31 August 2018, with grant awards announced by 30 September.

Phase 2Applications invited from 1 December 2019, to be received by no later than 6th January 2019, with grant awards announced by 31 January 2019.

Applications should be submitted to Nigel Fray (Facilities Funding Manager), by the deadlines above, to facilities@kent-rugby.org

Application criteria

The County has therefore set out the following criteria (including two new criteria) against which applications for grant funding will be assessed:

Applications will be accepted from all clubs at whatever Level and applications should clearly explain:

  • The amount being applied for. The Maximum amount that can be applied for is £5000. This is not a target for applicant clubs to aspire to! The total annual budget for the SGP is £25,000 (split over the two phases); given the disparity between available funds and the anticipated number and size of grant applications, the assessment process will be very rigorous.
  • The project to which the grant award will contribute and its objective(s);
  • The issue that the project is seeking to address, i.e. an identifiable ‘need’
  • Applications should indicate when the expenditure will be incurred (the County will also consider retrospective applications, where costs have already been incurred).
  • The priority the club attaches to the project
  • What the club has already done to commit to the project, i.e. funds already raised and commitment of the club’s committee and its membership.
  • Clubs must have completed and/or updated and submitted the County’s ‘Club Facilities Audit’ see below.
  • Clubs must have returned their current annual financial report/accounts to the County (this is a standard requirement for county funding).
  • Clubs must support County teams, where players are required and must either be an England Rugby Accredited Club or actively working towards becoming Accredited, through engagement with their RFU Rugby Development Officer.

Please make sure that you have complied with ALL of the above criteria when you submit your application. If you do not, then your application will not be considered.

Successful applicants will be required to spend the grant award within 6 months of receipt.

Successful clubs must supply actual invoices for the work carried out/supplies purchased in order for grant awards to be disbursed. Club invoices will not be accepted as proof of spend.

Successful clubs will, 6 months after the award, be required to notify the County of the spend and also to indicate the extent to which the award has helped to secure the project’s objective(s)


Club Facilities Audit

The County is grateful to all clubs that completed last year’s audit. As noted above, the criteria for SGP applications to be considered has been extended to include the requirement that the audit has been completed.

For those clubs that did complete the audit, last year’s version should be reviewed and either updated or confirmation made to the County that the audit remains as originally submitted.  There is, however, an additional piece of information that we require from each club: This related to the club’s legal status, i.e. clubs are requested to inform the County as to whether they a limited company, unincorporated association, limited partnership, CASC, etc.

Grant awards can be helpful in contributing to the fundraising that clubs are already carrying out to support their respective improvement projects – even relatively small awards can provide an exponentially beneficial impact. For larger projects, an award of, say, £5,000 could cover all of the planning application costs (incl. surveying, architects, agronomy, etc.) of a new Clubhouse. For a smaller club, an award of even as little as £500 could make the difference between an important project going ahead or not, for example by providing additional funding to those clubs who are participating in the RFU’s NatWest ‘Rugby Force’ programme.

Clubs are also reminded of the various financial support mechanisms that are made available by the RFU – and which the County’s grants can complement.

For those clubs that have yet to complete the audit – or for those that wish to update their entry from last year (including to include details or their legal status, the template can be downloaded here.
Club audit template.


Applications for Kent RFU’s grant funding should be addressed to facilities@kent-rugby.org

Helpful Websites:

Information on artificial pitches:

Download HERE a guide to using/hiring artificial pitches.

See HERE our protocol for Maintenance of artificial pitches.

Artificial Grass Pitches across Kent compliant with Regulation 22, with their next test date.

Blackheath Rugby Club: Well Hall, Kidbrook Lan, London SE9 6TE – 22/03/2019

Darrick Wood School: Lovibonds Avenue, Orpington BR6 8EW – 16/10/2019

Judd Grammar School: Brook Street, Tonbridge TN9 2PN – 23/10/2020

K Sports Cobdown: Station Road, Aylesford, Kent, ME20 6AU – 4/10/2019

Kings Hill Sports Centre: Kings Hill Sports Park, 70 Gibson Drive, ME19 4LG – 20/12/2019

Ravens Wood School: Oakley Road, Bromley, Kent, BR2 8HP – 24/07/2020

Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys: Langton Lane, Nackington Road, Kent, CT4 7AS – 11/10/2019