Online Resources

Online resources

Here is a range of online learning modules which will enhance your knowledge and understanding of key subjects in Rugby and coaching.  All consist of elements of reading/video with multiple choice questions to test your understanding.  At the end of each module you will have the opportunity to download and print a certificate of completion, allowing you to build a personal development portfolio.

Some RFU courses will require these certificates as pre-requisites for completion.


Better Coaching

Introduction to Coaching

This module introduces coaches to different coaching styles and the coaching process.

Functional Role Analysis

This module will help you build a clear understanding of the role of each position and develop a profile of your players against the key skills and attributes of each position.

Key Factor Analysis

Key factor analysis allows coaches to break down the constituent parts of a skill and therefore better identify and target skill development.

Rugby Laws

Develop and test your knowledge of the laws of Rugby.  A requirement for coaches on all L1 & L2 coaching and referee courses.

Strength and Conditioning

Introductory modules to build your knowledge of how to develop the physical skills and attributes for Rugby


Player Safety

Rugby Ready

Fundamental Player Safety

First Aid for Rugby

Develop an awareness of First Aid in this Rugby specific module

Concussion Awareness

Get the low-down on this essential subject

RFU Concussion Awareness

From the RFU's "Headcase" campaign - a must for all coaches and a requirement for all coaches on L1 or L2 courses.

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