Kent Vase

Kent Vase

Shepherd Neame Kent Vase 2018-19

Round 1

Ashford Barbarians 0 – 37 Dartford Valley

Faversham 12 v  81 Cliffe Crusaders

Ash 3 v 37 Lordswood

Bexley w/0  v New Ash Green

Askeans 29 v  14 Swanley

Round 2

Ashford 22 v 13 Cranbrook

Bexley w/o v Greenwich

Footscray 29 v 31 Kings College Hospital

Sheppey w/o v Gillingham Anchorians

Sittingbourne 14 v  17 Cliffe Crusaders

Lordswood 5 v 24 Brockleians

Askeans v Old Gravesendians w/o

Dartford Valley 3 v 0 Southwark Lancers

(Please play on or before 24th November)

Round 3

Kings College Hospital v Cliffe Crusdaers

Brockleians v Ashford

Old Gravesendians v Dartford Valley

Bexley v Sheppey

3rd Round Please play on 2nd or 23rd February or asap by mutual agreement

Semi Final

Please play on or before 16th March

Finals Day

Charlton Park RFC on 28th April 2019

Results to be sent to:

John Day
Chair Competitions Sub Committee & Competitions Officer
23, Glyndebourne Park

(M) 07908 255177
(H) 01689 854221

Winners 2017 – Beccehamians
Winners 2018 -Beccehamians