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Information on the Developing Player Programme (DPP) Framework

The Developing Player Programme is a partnership between the RFU, Saracens and Kent RFU and has recently undergone some changes based on the new RFU DPP Framework. 

Player Development Centres – The centres/districts that were held in Bromley, Blackheath and Canterbury have been disbanded this season as part of the RFU’s restructuring.

Saracens Kent Developing Player Programme (DPP) – All players that were already part of the DPP last year or have been nominated and successful at the assessment stage and been invited onto the programme will belong to the Saracens Kent DPP. These players have an opportunity to gain a higher level of training than they might expect to receive at school and/or club level. Players will take part in both training and festivals throughout the season

Saracens Kent Player Development Group (PDG) – This replaces last seasons Advanced Player Development Group (APDG). Players who are identified by the coaching team will be invited to also be a part of the PDG. Players who are invited onto the PDG will train and take part in festivals as normal with the DPP but will receive extra training sessions as part of the PDG.

Saracens Player Development Group (PDG) – This replaces last seasons Elite Player Development Group (EPDG). Players that are identified by coaches will be invited to the Saracens PDG of which training sessions are led by Saracens Academy coaches. This does not come into effect until the U15s group.


The process of assessment has been carefully planned by the Saracens Kent Lead DPP coaches in conjunction with the Saracens Academy Coaches. It was concluded that an hour assessment is sufficient time for the players to show their skills and abilities. Players are looked at as all round rugby players, focusing on the core skills and Saracens values. This means that players are not assessed on any positional specific skills but with a more holistic approach taken when assessing the players, this is also apparent within the structure of training sessions and festivals.


All training dates have been set and can be downloaded here for each age group.


Saracens Kent DPP Under 14s


Lead Coach

Dan Phimister :


Kirstie Hoyle:


Saracens Kent DPP Under 15’s


Lead Coach

Mike Hebden:


Mark Errington:


Saracens Kent DPP Under 16’s 

U16's - Aylesford RFC

Lead Coach

Alan Bateson:


Steve Fuller:


Saracens Kent Player Development Group (PDG)  U14s & U15s

SK PDG (K Sports & Sutton Valance School)

Lead Coach

Mark Howell :




For further information please contact:

Andy Dawling – Saracens Academy DPP Coach:

Neil Wiltshire – Programme Manager:

Dan Webb – Developing Player Programme Head Coach:

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