Touring Information

Going on a Rugby Tour?

Whether you are an England international or an occasional player for your local side, going on tour is a fantastic way to build team spirit, morale, and identity. It provides a rare and exciting opportunity for players and coaches to get to know each other that little bit better and helps to build teamwork both on and off the pitch. Tours often provide memories and friendships that will last a lifetime; the camaraderie and banter can be second to none. However, there are procedures to follow if you are thinking of taking your team away on tour as well as receiving a touring team.

Before going on Tour

  1. Have you read Reg 10?
  2. Have you read Touring with Children Guide?
  3. Have your read RFU Safeguarding Policy?
  4. Have you completed the Outgoing tour Application Form and sent it to the CB Hon Sec? (

Before hosting a Touring side

  1. Have you completed an Incoming Tour Application Form  Incoming Tour Application Form and sent it to the CB Honsec? (
  2. Have you obtained approval from the Union of your visiting team? Details of worldwide Unions can be obtained from World Rugby on their website

Rugby Camps

Please note that all clubs hosting rugby camps must not advertise prior to obtaining permission from Kent County RFU. An application form can be download here.