Kent County RFU offers a range of competitions, compliant with Age Grade regulations and guidelines, designed to give players of all standards an opportunity to participate in competitive rugby commensurate with the level at which they are comfortable playing. 

At Under 12 and Under 13 teams compete in “waterfall” events. For more information go to U12 or U13

At Under 14s a structured series of  “Festivals” are held. For more information  go to U14

Under 15 and Under 16 teams play a series of pre-qualifiers followed by a knock-out competition for different levels of ability typically including Cup, Plate, Bowl, and Shield. There is also a Development Cup for those teams not yet ready to compete in the main competition. For more information  go to U15 or U16

At Under 17 and Under 18 formal leagues are provided followed by knock-out competitions for different levels of ability typically including Cup, Plate, and Bowl. For more information  go to U17 or U18

Kent County RFU Structured Season 2018-19

Youth Calendar Download – KCRFU Youth Male Rugby Calendar 2018/2019

Useful Information 

Age Grade Rugby – Rules of Play Access here!

RFU Age Grade Codes of Practice Access here!

Age Grade Rugby – Out of Season Activity Guide Access here! 

Useful videos:

Video 1  Codes of Practice

Video 2  Player centred approach  

Video 3  Overplaying

Video 4  Grouping of players

Video 5  Min standards for coaches

Video 6  Combining age groups

For further information contact:
Deborah Park –  Youth Chair