Kent County U18 League

Kent County U18 League

2018-19 Season

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Match Results/Table for U18s 


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John Reilly – U18 Competition Manager

U18 League

See all the fixtures and results for the U18 League HERE!

The league website is hosted by Pitchero. For those clubs who have a Pitchero website, an administrator for your club can connect you to the website, which means:

  •  fixtures are uploaded to your club site
  •  plus you have access to the table.

You can also update your results directly, although you do not have access to the dynamic bonus point system, which will be refined once you have sent your results into the respective age group league administrators.

U18 League Administrator -John Reilly –

For your information, bonus points are as follows :

  • 4 points for a win
  • 2 points for a draw
  • 1 point for playing and losing
  • 1 point for 4 tries or more
  • 1 point for losing by 10 points or less

e.g a Side A beats side B by 37- 27 both sides scored 4 tries would be 5 points to Side A and 3 points to Side B

  • 4 points to the winning side
  • 1 bonus point each for 4 tries or more
  • 1 point to the losing side for playing & losing
  • 1 point for losing by 10 points or less.

There is a maximum points differential of 50 ( so an actual result 60-0, will have a league result of 50-0).

If a side concedes without playing, the winning side will be awarded a notional 30-0 scoreline and awarded a 4 try bonus point (5 points), the conceding side will receive no bonus point for playing & losing (0 points).