An example application to play a youth out of age grade or into adult rugby 

Jane Doe [fictitious name] has been playing rugby at “Old Rubber Duckians RFC” with the mini-mixed sex team, playing contact rugby with a variety of skilled players at the U11. 

Since training with the U11/U12 girls’ group, her parents have seen a positive shift in her response to rugby and her general confidence. She feels safer training with the girls (rather than the boys) and training alongside year 7 girls has assisted with her diagnosed behavioural issues (evidenced by her parents). 

The coaching team assesses her to have the skills, confidence and aptitude to play out of age grade into the U12 team. She has also been assessed by an experienced Level 2 coach, who is independent of the team. He has assessed Jane in the context of her physical, psychological and emotional needs and has deemed it safe for her to play-up into the U12 girls. 

We have spoken with the player and her family to assess whether playing up into the U12s is in her best interests. We have all agreed that she is. We are now asking Kent County RFU to grant permission to play with the U12 girls’ team. Her development will continue to be monitored and if at any stage her confidence or ability falls below the expected standard, the coaches will limit her contact rugby to U11 players only (until she is deemed safe to play U12s again). All teams and referees will be made aware of her participation in games.]