Kent RFU Communications & PR Manager

Kent RFU are seeking a volunteer to fulfil the role of Kent RFU Communications & PR Manager.  If you are interested please get in touch with Kevin Cope our Club Development Officer.

Role Title: KCRFU Communications & PR Manager (Voluntary Role)

Role Purpose:

Promote KRFU’s activities and ensure they are communicated in a timely, open, reliable and responsible manner to all stakeholders.

Reporting Line: Chairman Club Development

Direct Reports: Social Media Manager

Working Relationships:


  • Club Development Chair & Committees
  • County Executive Committee members
  • Kent Rugby Office
  • County Safeguarding Officer
  • County Rugby Safe Officer
  • Member clubs and their individual members
  • Sponsors, investors and suppliers
  • Partners, including; the RFU, Sports England, Borough & District Councils, and other funding bodies
  • Media (press, radio and television)
  • Kent RFU employees and Volunteers
  • Any other body / committee as may be required

Main tasks and responsibilities

  • To increase understanding among members of the services KCRFU provide, and therefore to improve satisfaction with these services
  • To ensure KCRFU member clubs, individual and associate members are aware of our plans for delivery and future development of Rugby Union and its values within the County
  • Through improved consultation and involvement, listen to the views of Member clubs and individual and associate members to continue to develop the services provided.
  • Maximise publicity of Kent RFU, games, events and activities.
  • Maintain a positive profile for Kent RFU and the sport of Rugby Union and its values.
  • Promote, and defend, the reputation of the sport of Rugby Union by developing and maintaining a positive profile. (The post holder should seek to avoid any reputational risk that might damage KCRFU).
  • To be the first point of contact with the media in relation to any issues raised within the game in Kent and to manage the County’s response to these
  • Support Kent RFU spokespersons, providing advice and guidance to our Chairperson and Executive Officers who might have to deal with local and national media services
  • Promote the safe and responsible use of social networking technology, making clubs aware of potential risks and share best practice

Experience Knowledge and Skills:

  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Passionate about the game
  • Media savvy with an ability to interact effectively across a wide spectrum of stakeholders
  • Efficient and quick thinker
  • Meticulous about detail
  • Ability to lead and guide people, while working effectively as part of a team
  • Understanding of relevant legislation, safeguarding and data protection aspects of the role
  • Understanding of, and commitment to equal opportunities and managing diversity
  • Understanding of relevant legislation and data protection aspects of the role


  • Interpersonal skills
  • Excellent at drafting i.e. clear, concise and accurate
  • Leadership and decision-making
  • Ability to delegate but retain accountability
  • Strategic thinking
  • Collaborative approach to management and problem-solving when appropriate

Benefits (what you will gain from the role)

You will have the opportunity to hone your communication and journalistic skills, while influencing how Rugby is perceived within the KRFU community and beyond. You will extend your network of acquaintances and social connections through liaison with; sponsors, partners, clubs and individuals across the County, while being both valued by the Rugby Community while raising your own profile by association. Being the Kent RFU Communications & PR Manager, you will both enhance your cv and impress potential employers. Expected time commitment: Approximately 4 – 6 hours a week



“Whilst engaged in any activity under the auspices of Kent County RFU Ltd, it is not permitted for any adult to attempt to induce, or influence, any player to move from one club, or from one educational establishment, to another.

If any adult, whilst engaged in any activity under the auspices of Kent County RFU Ltd, is approached by a player or parent, in order to secure a change of playing environment for the player, the matter shall be reported immediately to the Chairman of Club Kent, who will deal with the matter.”