Could you be KCRFU’s new Honsec?

Kent County RFU are looking for a new Honorary Secretary. Although this role is to be the principal contact with the RFU and to manage the administrative requirements of the CB and its constituent members it is not as huge a role as you think as the role is heavily supported by the office manager. Below is the Role Descriptor for this role. The successful candidate would sit on KCRFU Executive committee and be a valuable voice in helping to run/guide your governing body in Kent.

If you are interested in this role please contact Roger Clarke, chair of KCRFU as soon as possible.

Role Title:  CB Hon. Secretary

Role Purpose: To be the principal contact with the RFU and to manage the administrative requirements of the CB and its constituent members.

Reporting Line:  Executive Committee

Direct reports:  None.

Working relationships:  

  • Other CBs
  • RFU departmental staff
  • Chairman of the KCRFU Executive Committee
  • Director of Governance
  • CB Administration Assistant
  • KCRFU Executive Committee Members
  • Kent RFU member clubs
  • National & Local Authority funding bodies
  • Media agencies 
  • Other external bodies

Main tasks and responsibilities: 

  • To carry out all tasks required for the successful administration of the CB, some of which may be delegated to the Office Administration Assistant, including the drafting the minutes (and noting Action Points) of Executive Committee meetings.
  • Attend Executive Committee meetings, advising members as necessary, e.g. as to procedures, etc., and overseeing the drafting of accurate minutes (and noting Action Points) of Executive Committee meetings.
  • Ensuring the administration of all Local competition (RFU Regulations 13.1.2(c), 15.8, 15.9.1 & 4, and 15.15.2) in conjunction with the Competitions Sub-committee.
  • Arrange each year the Annual General Meeting and Financial General Meeting, including the issue of the ‘Calling Notice’; and in consultation with the Chair, drawing up the agenda for the meetings, and to ensure that all necessary documentation is circulated to the membership in accordance with the County’s Rules.
  • In preparation for each year’s AGM, in consultation with the Chair, to draft the CB’s Annual Report, including to ensure that all Officers submit by the end of May each year, a written report of the activities for which each is responsible, as undertaken by the committee and/or sub-committee of which each is a member.
  • Ensure that an Annual review of club accounts is carried out (RFU Regulation 5.1.3) in conjunction with the County Treasurer.
  • Provide CB accounts to RFU in conjunction with the County Treasurer (RFU Regulation 5.1.1). 
  • Working with the Director of Governance and Hon Treasurer, as appropriate, to ensure timely and accurate compliance with all legislative reporting requirements, incl. reporting to the Financial Conduct Authority (annual returns from mutual societies, as required under the under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014).
  • Ensure rigorous scrutiny of all match approvals proposed with the CB (age grade, summer camps, tours, and Sevens) (Regulation 15 and Regulation 10) in conjunction with the Competitions Sub-Committee.
  • To manage the County’s archives.
  • To represent the County, where required.

Experience Knowledge and Skills: 

  • Demonstrated ability to lead and develop teams of people.
  • To have sufficient time and resource available to devote to the role; typically, about 2-3 hours per week.
  • Demonstrated ability to provide administrative leadership and direction.
  • Demonstrated ability to interact effectively across a wide spectrum of audience.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of RFU structures and roles.
  • Understanding of the role of the volunteer within a non-profit making organisation.
  • Good oral and written skills.
  • To have a good understanding of the game of Rugby and the practical elements of the running of Rugby Union clubs.
  • Understanding of, and commitment to equal opportunities and managing diversity.
  • Understanding of relevant legislation and data protection aspects of the role


  • Developing self and others
  • Administrative skills
  • Empathy and Understanding
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Drive for achievement
  • Satisfying needs of related parties
  • Well balanced
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Risk assessment
  • Budgetary management


“Whilst engaged in any activity under the auspices of Kent County RFU, it is not permitted for any adult to attempt to induce, or influence, any player to move from one club, or from one educational establishment, to another.

If any adult, whilst engaged in any activity under the auspices of Kent County RFU, is approached by a player or parent, in order to secure a change of playing environment for the player, the matter shall be reported immediately to the Chairman – Club Development, who will deal with the matter.”