Kent County RFU seek to appoint a Safeguarding Officer

If you are interested in this volunteer role please get in touch with Kevin Cope – KCRFU Club Development Chair – as soon as possible.

Role Title:  CB Safeguarding Manager

Role Purpose:

To provide leadership in the Safeguarding of Children in Rugby Union across the Constituent Body area, maintaining key relationships with the CB Management Committee, RFU Safeguarding Team and local Club Safeguarding Officers (CSO). Also, to ensure compliance, both at the CB and club level, with all legislation and regulation relating to safeguarding.

Reporting Line:  Chairman, Club Ddevelopment Committee, and Director of Governance

Direct reports:  None

Working relationships: 

  • CB Hon Secretary
  • CB Head of Game Development
  • CB schools & youth committees (as appropriate)
  • CB Rugby Safe Officer
  • RFU Safeguarding team, Club Development Officer (CDO)
  • RFU Regional Press Officer
  • Club Safeguarding Officers
  • Local Safeguarding Team/Partnership and County Sport Partnership
  • Member clubs committees

Main tasks and responsibilities: 

  • To be familiar with and be a source of advice on all safeguarding legislation, RFU regulations and guidance.
  • To be an active member of the CB Club Development Committee, offering support and guidance to Sub Committees and Representative Squads
  • Offer direction, guidance & support to local clubs on developing their own Safeguarding policy, in conjunction with their Club Safeguarding Officers and RFU guidelines 
  • To identify, develop, train, support and maintain a team of Club Safeguarding Officers (CSOs), and, if appropriate, deputy CBSMs, across the CB area, and ensure their registration on the RFUs Game Management System
  • To coordinate a programme of training, in conjunction with CSOs and/or CDOs, for club personnel involved in working with young people (i.e. Play it Safe, In Touch courses)
  • To attend the RFUs CB Safeguarding Manager Conference
  • In conjunction with the CSOs, develop an effective DBS process within the CB to   ensure that all individuals working with young people undertake a DBS application every three years
  • To ensure that all safeguarding issues and incidents involving adult(s) and children/ young people under 18 are reported promptly to the RFU Safeguarding team and the CB Hon Secretary
  • To conduct information gathering or investigations as requested by the RFU Safeguarding team, and be available to attend RFU, CB or Club Disciplinary hearings when required
  • To have contact details for the local statutory agencies and liaise with them when necessary
  • To monitor, on an annual basis, 10% of the clubs with players and teams under 18 within the CB, and return audit forms to RFU Safeguarding team for analysis
  • To ensure and update the presence of a ‘Safeguarding’ page on the CB web pages
  • To distribute literature, electronic communication and new developments concerning the Safeguarding of young people to the CB and clubs as appropriate
  • To provide to the Honorary Secretary of Kent County RFU, by the end of May each year, a written report of the activities for which you are responsible, as undertaken by the committee and/or sub-committee of which you are a member.

Experience Knowledge and Skills:

  • Empathy 
  • Approachability
  • Objectivity
  • Attention to detail, 
  • Resilience 
  • Dedication to the cause of safeguarding young people. 
  • Ideally have a background in child protection from any of the statutory agencies (Police, Social Services, Children’s services or as a Teaching professional).
  • Understanding of, and commitment to inclusiveness and managing diversity
  • Understanding of relevant legislation and data protection aspects associated with the role


  • Developing self and others
  • Leadership
  • Strategic thinking
  • Drive
  • Satisfying needs of related parties
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Discretion

Benefits (what you will gain from the role)

You will have the opportunity to hone your organisational and administrative skills, in a highly respected and very important area, influencing how Rugby is perceived and delivered safely within a diverse and inclusive KRFU community and beyond.

You will extend your network of acquaintances and social connections through liaison with; clubs, the CB, the RFU and individuals across the County, while being both valued by the Rugby Community, raising your own profile by association. As the Kent RFU Safeguarding Manager, will both enhance your CV and impress potential employers.             

Expected time commitment: Approximately 3 – 6 hours a week


“Whilst engaged in any activity under the auspices of Kent County RFU Ltd, it is not permitted for any adult to attempt to induce, or influence, any player to move from one club, or from one educational establishment to another.

If any adult, whilst engaged in any activity under the auspices of Kent County RFU Ltd, is approached by a player or parent, in order to secure a change of playing environment for the player, the matter shall be reported immediately to the Chairman of Club Kent, who will deal with the matter.”