Kent RFU Safeguarding Assistants

Kent RFU are seeking 2 volunteers to assist our Safeguarding Officer to fulfil the role of Kent RFU Safeguarding Assistant. We are looking for one assistant to cover the Rural area of Kent and another assistant to cover the Metropolitan area of Kent. If you are interested please get in touch with Kevin Cope our Club Development Officer.

Role Title:  CB Safeguarding Assistant 

Role Purpose:

To support the Safeguarding of Children in Rugby Union across the Constituent Body area, maintaining key relationships with the CB Safeguarding Manager, CB Management Committee, and local Club Safeguarding Officers (CSO).

Reporting Line:  CB Safeguarding Manager

Direct reports:  None

Working relationships:

  • CB Safeguarding Manager
  • CB Safeguarding Assistant (Rural or Metropolitan)
  • CB Chair of Club Development
  • CB Chair of Game Development
  • CB Hon Secretary
  • CB Schools & Youth committees (as appropriate)
  • CB Rugby Safe Manager
  • RFU Safeguarding team & Rugby Development Officer (s)
  • RFU Regional Press Officer
  • Club Safeguarding Officers
  • Local Safeguarding Team/Partnership and County Sport Partnership
  • Member club’s committees

Main tasks and responsibilities:  

  • To be an active member of the CB Club Safeguarding Team
  • To offer support and guidance to Sub Committees and Representative Squads
  • Offer guidance & support to either Metropolitan or Rural  clubs on improving their Safeguarding delivery, in conjunction with their Club Safeguarding Officers
  • Assist in identifying, developing, training and supporting Metropolitan or Rural Club Safeguarding Officers (CSOs), and, if appropriate, deputy CBSMs, across the CB area, and ensure their registration on the RFUs Game Management System
  • To attend the RFUs CB Safeguarding Manager Conference
  • To ensure that all safeguarding issues and incidents involving adult(s) and children/ young people under 18 are reported promptly to the RFU Safeguarding team and the CB Hon Secretary
  • To conduct information gathering or investigations as requested by the CB Safeguarding Manager, and be available to attend CB or Club Disciplinary hearings should it be required
  • To support the annual Safeguarding Audit of clubs with players and teams under 18 within the Rural area of the CB, by undertaking club assessment visits.
  • To assist in a Club’s Accreditation and to verify and confirm the information relating to Safeguarding issues provided to the RDO is accurate
  • To distribute literature, electronic communication and new developments concerning the Safeguarding of young people to the CB and clubs as appropriate

Experience Knowledge and Skills:

  • Empathy
  • Approachability
  • Objectivity
  • Attention to detail,
  • Resilience
  • Dedication to the cause of safeguarding young people.
  • Have a background in child protection from any of the statutory agencies (Police, Social Services, Children’s services).
  • Understanding of, and commitment to equal opportunities and managing diversity
  • Understanding of relevant legislation and data protection aspects of the r


  • Developing self and others
  • Leadership
  • Strategic thinking
  • Drive
  • Satisfying needs of related parties
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Discretion


“Whilst engaged in any activity under the auspices of Kent County RFU Ltd, it is not permitted for any adult to attempt to induce, or influence, any player to move from one club, or from one educational establishment, to another.

If any adult, whilst engaged in any activity under the auspices of Kent County RFU Ltd, is approached by a player or parent, in order to secure a change of playing environment for the player, the matter shall be reported immediately to the Chairman of Club Kent, who will deal with the matter.”