Kent County Colts Trophy Competition

2019-20 Season

The purpose of the competition is to promote participation for ALL players in the U17 and U18 age groups according to the peculiar mix each club has in any given season.

Clubs will be permitted to choose how they wish to participate – an U18 only team, an U17 only team, or a mixed U17/U18 team. Clubs will be permitted to enter more than one team to accommodate all players in their squads.

Teams will be “seeded” based on a combination of historical performance and the coach’s self-assessment.

There will be up to 16 places available in the “Trojans” half of the draw and a further 16 in the “Spartans” part of the draw. This should allow sufficient differentiation to engage all levels of players.

Due to COVID-19 it is uncertain as to when competitions will commence. We will update this page as soon as we have any information as to when the 2020-21 season will start.

Simon Botes – Colts Trophy  Competition Manager