Kent County U17 League

2019-20 Season

Fixture Results Table HERE


Competition Rules (download)

Squad Registration Form (download)

Match Card (download)

RFU Age Grade Regulations (link)

RFU AGR Appendix 9 (link)

David Caddy – U17 Competition Manager


For your information, bonus points are as follows :

  • 4 points to the winning side
  • 1 bonus point each for 4 tries or more
  • 1 point to the losing side for playing & losing
  • 1 point for losing by 10 points or less.

There is a maximum points differential of 50 ( so an actual result 60-0, will have a league result of 50-0).

If a side concedes without playing, the winning side will be awarded a notional 30-0 scoreline and awarded a 4 try bonus point (5 points), the conceding side will receive no bonus point for playing & losing (0 points).