The club accreditation process is currently under review. If a club was accredited post lockdown they are still accredited even if it has subsequently lapsed. If the clubs’ accreditation lapsed before lockdown, the club is not accredited and will have to wait for the completion of the ongoing review.

Club Accreditation

The England Rugby Club Accreditation scheme helps all sections within a Rugby Club to become stronger, more effective, more efficient and more enjoyable places in which to play rugby.

Each of the Key Drivers below, together with the Core Values of Rugby, are represented within the Club Accreditation scheme and together they represent the component parts of a strong, sustainable club.

  1. Retaining & Developing Players
  2. Recruiting New Players
  3. Recruiting & Retaining High-Quality Coaches, Volunteers & Referees
  4. Effective & Efficient Facilities
  5. Effective & Efficient Management and Governance
  6. Integration with the Local Community