Rugby Camps

If you wish to run a rugby camp you MUST seek prior approval from Kent County Hon. Secretary. (Reg 15.9) No rugby camps can be advertised until permission has been granted. To apply for approval you can use our online application form. A risk assessment and itinerary will be needed to support your application. Please allow up to 3 weeks for approvals to be completed.

Please note:

  1. Your club must also comply with RFU Regulation 15
  2. That the rugby camp is run in a accordance with the the guidelines set out in the:

Nigel Fray

Hon Secretary

Approved Rugby Camps

25th July – 28th July Sevenoaks RFC

1st August – 4th August – Tunbridge Wells RFC

15th August – 18th August – Sevenoaks RFC

22nd August – 25th August – Sevenoaks RFC

25th August – 26th August – Tunbridge Wells RFC

24th October – 27th October – Sevenoaks RFC

19th Dec – 22nd Dec – Sevenoaks RFC

13th Feb – 16th Feb – Sevenoaks RFC

3rd April- 6th April -Sevenoaks RFC

11th April- 14th April – Sevenoaks RFC