Pre Adolescent Strength & Conditioning (S & C)

Generally pre adolescence ends around the biological age 10 just before puberty begins, although this can very between girls and boys. Within these very early stages of an athlete’s development, strength and conditioning should be fun focused, low structured targeting the movement skills of the child. If the athletes are regularly running, jumping, climbing/pulling, landing, crawling, this will go a long way to developing their speed, strength, power, and agility. Referencing The Youth Physical Development Model (YDP) designed by Lloyd & Oliver, as the athlete approaches the end of this growth period, greater focus can be placed on Sport Specific Skills. (Dobbs, 2023) (Lloyd & Oliver 2012)

The KCRFU is keen to do all that it can to further player welfare, including to improve players’ strength and conditioning. We confirm that we have completed due diligence on Mike as a provider of services to our representative teams, however, KCRFU has no responsibility or liability for the advice or services provided.