Small Grants Programme for 2020-21

The Small Grants Programme will not be running this season as all available funding has been transferred into COVID Relief Funding. If there is any club struggling financially as a direct result of COVID-19, please get in touch with Nigel Fray (chair of Covid Relief Sub-Group) who will conduct an assessment to determine how we can assist financially. See HERE for more information or to download an assessment form.

Club Facilities Audit

The County is grateful to all clubs that completed last year’s audit. As noted above, the criteria for SGP applications to be considered has been extended to include the requirement that the audit has been completed.

For those clubs that did complete the audit, last year’s version should be reviewed and either updated or confirmation made to the County that the audit remains as originally submitted.  There is, however, an additional piece of information that we require from each club: This related to the club’s legal status, i.e. clubs are requested to inform the County as to whether they a limited company, unincorporated association, limited partnership, CASC, etc.

Grant awards can be helpful in contributing to the fundraising that clubs are already carrying out to support their respective improvement projects – even relatively small awards can provide an exponentially beneficial impact. For larger projects, an award of, say, £5,000 could cover all of the planning application costs (incl. surveying, architects, agronomy, etc.) of a new Clubhouse. For a smaller club, an award of even as little as £500 could make the difference between an important project going ahead or not, for example by providing additional funding to those clubs who are participating in the RFU’s NatWest ‘Rugby Force’ programme.

Clubs are also reminded of the various financial support mechanisms that are made available by the RFU – and which the County’s grants can complement.

For those clubs that have yet to complete the audit – or for those that wish to update their entry from last year below is the Club Audit Form

Applications for Kent RFU’s grant funding should be addressed to: 

Nigel Fray

Facilities Manager

Helpful Websites

Information on artificial pitches

Artificial Grass Pitches across Kent compliant with Regulation 22, with their next test date.

Blackheath Rugby Club: Well Hall, Kidbrook Lan, London SE9 6TE – 22/03/2019 – NON CONTACT TRAINING ONLY PERMITTED

Darrick Wood School: Lovibonds Avenue, Orpington BR6 8EW – 16/10/2019

Judd Grammar School: Brook Street, Tonbridge TN9 2PN – 23/10/2020

K Sports Cobdown: Station Road, Aylesford, Kent, ME20 6AU – 4/10/2019 – TRAINING ONLY PERMITTED

Kings Hill Sports Centre: Kings Hill Sports Park, 70 Gibson Drive, ME19 4LG – 20/12/2019TRAINING ONLY PERMITTED

Ravens Wood School: Oakley Road, Bromley, Kent, BR2 8HP – 24/07/2020

Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys: Langton Lane, Nackington Road, Kent, CT4 7AS – 11/10/2019