Rugby Safe

Club Responsibilities 

Clubs and other bodies who organise rugby activity, have the following five responsibilities with respect to safety and first aid:

  1. Complete and record a risk assessment to determine the appropriate level of activity and first aid provision.
  2. Ensure that providers and appointed first aiders are appropriately trained and undertake re-certification in accordance with their qualification.
  3. Ensure that the procedures for the recording and reporting of incidents are followed.
  4. Ensure that suitable first aid facilities and equipment are available.
  5. Ensure that there is adequate cover to allow for absences.

Guidance on this and other related topics is available via the link below.

Activate Programme

A recent survey found that one of the main reasons for senior player retention and recruitment was the fear or injuries resulting in time of employment.

Activate is an RFU-developed programme that looks at effective warm ups to prevent injury and, in particular, it significantly reduces the risk of concussion.

Peter Thompson

Kent County RFU Rugby Safe Manager