The Kent Youth Committee promotes the efficient and effective development of youth rugby through the organisation of appropriate, formally approved and organised county events from U12 to U18 age levels. They liaise with clubs and disseminate relevant RFU information and guidance to key personnel in club youth sections.

News from KCRFU Youth Chair

All in all pretty successful season in the youth sector. The Kent competition was generally successful and some tweaks to improve it will be implemented next season thanks for all your feedback.

The sevens competition was well attended and all age groups seemed to enjoy the day. Congratulations to all trophy winners and group winners in both competitions. I have enjoyed watching a number of well fought games this season and I look forward to seeing a few more in 23/24.

Turning to next season, links to the entry forms for all age groups are now live on the Kent website. {HERE}. Following a successful trial of the electronic match card system on GMS all age groups will be using this system next season.

Some things to be aware of:-

  1. Team names entered into the application form need to be available on GMS for your team. Speak to your GMS officer at your club to ensure this is in place before the start of the next season. Help is available via the GMS hub online.
  2. Team officials will need access to the competition modular GMS (granted by your club’s GMS officer) and access rights to add scores. This can be done now.
  3. All players will need to be registered on GMS by their parents (or the club in extremis) before they can be picked for any team using the electronic match card. This is a requirement of regulation 15 in any event and should be done every season. Unregistered players will not be allowed to play.

The competition rules have been amended for next season and can be found (HERE ) But before we get to next season’s competition we have summer activities to enjoy. The RFU have published the summer activity framework which should be followed if any summer rugby is planned. The framework can be found {HERE}

With the new tackle laws coming into play next season the summer framework provides guidance on how this can be trained and coached so we are all in a good space at the beginning of next season. There is also a tackle height resource pack which can be found {HERE}

The RFU have also published next seasons amendments to regulation 15 we have clarified the understanding of some of the regulatory challenges we’ve had in the past season the amendments can be found {HERE}

Playing out of age grade and playing adult rugby

Both of the above require constituent body approval which is managed online via forms on the Kent RFU website. this is not to be confused with the RFU online forms which came into being after the Kent online process was in place. there is detailed guidance via pop up information boxes and links to other documents to assist in completion. please provide as much information as possible to enable the approval team to make an early assessment.

Once approval is granted you will receive a notice of approval sent to the original applicant without which players should not play out of their age grade. This process may take up to 10 working days. Due to the volume of applications received by the KCRFU, clubs will not be notified of rejected applications. A lack of a response to any application must not be deemed to be silent consent to the application. Unless you have received written approval from the KCRFU, the individual for whom the application has been made must not play adult rugby or train with adults.

Clubs wishing 17 year olds to play at senior rugby should seek club approval via the online forms prior to applying for player approval. The approval process for next season will open on 1st July 2023. applications made prior to this date will be deleted.

I wish all of you a restful summer I look forward to another successful rugby season in Kent starting in the autumn.

Alan Erskine
Youth Chair KCRFU


  • The RFU’s Injury Prevention Exercise Programme that can be integrated into training and pre-match sessions, to improve functional and core strength, balance and agility, helping players with the game’s physical demands. Go to the RugbySafe Activate Toolkit to access the free resources including:
  • Activate Kids for the U7 – U12 age groups 
  • Activate Youth programmes for U13-U14, U15-U16 and U17-U18

Clubs are reminded of the maximum time for training and matches per day is regulated by the RFU as follows. Please ensure you are abiding by this requirement.

15.11 Duration of Matches, Coaching and Training Sessions

15.11.1 All players, match officials, schools, colleges and clubs must ensure that no player plays more than 35 matches per Season and in respect of all matches and festivals, plays no more than the maximum playing times set out in the below table.

Alan Erskine

Kent County RFU Youth Chair