Following the release of the RFU “return to rugby” Road Map, we have seen an increase in enquiries from clubs as to what is or is not permissible for AGE GRADE RUGBY. This document is designed to help clubs; you can also contact the KCRFU Age Grade Chair for more specific help

Need to keep up with new guidance on return to rugby and how it affects AGE Grade Rugby? Read our Kent County Youth Chair’s Report to keep up to date with the latest advice. ACCESS HERE!


Following months of discussion we are delighted to tell you that for 2020-21 the RFU have given Kent RFU dispensation to vary slightly from the national youth calendar in recognition of the difficulties arising during the Autumn Term when schools play most of their rugby (which primarily affects the U14 to U16 age grades). As a result, there will be slightly less formal (KCRFU) club rugby before Christmas for those age grades but slightly more between Christmas and Easter. This will mean more stringent rules around playing matches on the proscribed dates so, as always, make sure all coaches understand the competition rules. At the same time we have sought to avoid clashes with DPP activities, Kent Schools’ competitions and National Cup competitions in so far as it is possible.
We wish to clarify that Clubs are entitled to play friendly matches throughout the season INCLUDING in the blue “school” windows. So for U12s to U16s inclusive there will be plenty of scope for friendly matches before Christmas. As there is no “RFU structured season” for U17s and U18s clubs are entitled to play friendlies throughout the season but we ask you to bear in mind the overall playing load of boys in these age grades as they can be called on to play in many and multiple playing environments, including (once they turn 17) adult rugby and it is important that clubs help players manage their way through the playing landscape. 
We hope that our negotiated season will mean that individual players will experience less pressure to overplay or have to choose one playing environment over another. We intend to monitor how successful this initiative is and will invite feedback from age grade coaches as the season progresses.

Youth Calendar Download
  (Season start date is Sunday 6th Sept 2020 – Sunday 9th May 2021)

Download HERE!






Kent County RFU offers a range of competitions, compliant with RFU Age Grade regulations and guidelines, designed to give players of all standards an opportunity to participate in competitive rugby commensurate with the level at which they are comfortable playing.

Entry forms and rules are available on each age grade page under Youth Competitions, together with details of the age grade competition manager.

U12 & U13
At Under 12 and Under 13, teams compete in a “waterfall” competition. There are three such events spread over the course of the season. For more information go to U12 or U13 alternatively see details of the competitions.

U14 to U16
The Under 14s, Under 15s and Under 16s have a season-long competition which encourages increasing competitiveness alongside perseverance and teamwork. Teams play a series of round-robin matches in groups after which teams are ranked and “cascade” into a series of knock-out trophies. KCRFU also offers a Development Cup competition, which runs in parallel to the main competition, for those teams not yet ready to compete in the main competition, where the rules are slightly more relaxed to facilitate participation over results. For more information go to U14U15 or U16 for more details of the competitions.

U17 & U18
For the older youth players, we have a series of competitions, successfully initiated in 2018-19.

  • To kick off the season we have a Colts Tens Tournament by way of a one-day warm-up for the season.
  • Between September and December, we have three league options:

An Under 17 league,

An Under 18 league and

A Colts 12-a-side league.

These options give clubs the flexibility to engage their players in the busy school rugby season as players transition to sixth form, new schools or colleges. Clubs are free to enter one or more competitions according to the mix of talent in their squads. So for instance you may wish to combine all your players and run a single team in the U18 competition; alternatively, if, for instance you have a few U18s but more U17s, you may consider playing in the U17 league and the U18 12-a-side league so that you engage all your players.

  • After Christmas, there is a Colts Trophy Competition again offering flexibility to play a combination of players to optimise participation. For further details go to:

Tens Tournament
U17 league 
U18 league
Colts 12-a-side league
Colts Trophy
Half Game Rule Tracker

Off Season Competition – Design a poster

Keeping Kent Youth Rugby Spirit Flying…..

We know you are all missing your rugby and we here in the “Rugby Office” are missing you guys running around our pitches. So, we thought we’d set you up for a bit of rugby fun. Here are two ways you can let us know your Kent Rugby Spirit is still flying….

  • Tell us what you’re up to.
    Let us know, via message, meme or videoclip what you are doing to stay fit, know more about rugby laws, broaden your encyclopaedic knowledge of rugby legends, cook great healthy meals etc. etc. We’ll give out a few small prizes for the best efforts and the most likes. Send your posts to giving only your first name, club and age.
  • Design a poster.
    There will be a prize in each of five age grade group
    U7-U8;   U9-U11;   U12-U13;   U14-U16;   U17-U18

Your poster must be on the topic of “Kent Age Grade Rugby Values”. It should focus on TREDS….Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship…and should tell us how you would like to see these values reflected in your clubs and in your County.

We will be producing new County Posters at the start of the 2020-21 season and we would like to use your ideas for this. The posters will be displayed in clubhouses around the County.

Send your entry to: KCRFU Youth Chair at stating:

Your name

Your age

Your shirt size

Your club


If your club wishes to run a youth rugby festival or tournament you MUST first seek permission from KCRFU Youth Committee. You can access the online application form and guidance on festival management standards here.


If you wish to run a rugby camp or take a group of youth players on tour you MUST seek prior approval from KCRFU Hon. Secretary, Sylvia Taylor. You can access the online application form  here


If you wish to play U17 year olds in Senior rugby, approvals have to gained from Kent County RFU. You can access the online application forms for firstly club approval and also individual play approval  here

For further information contact:
Deborah Park –  Youth Chair