Strength & Conditioning (S & C)

What is S&C

Strength and Conditioning is the use of science and evidence-based practices to enhance an athlete’s performance and movement qualities. A common misconception is that Strength & Conditioning involves just Strength & Cardiovascular training. Developing an athlete’s physical and physiological performance requires focus on additional attributes such as:

  • Mobility
  • Functional Movement Mechanics
  • Balance, Core & Stability
  • Agility & Change of Direction
  • Power and Speed

Why is S&C important

An effective and well-structured S&C approach can assist with:

  • Improved athlete performance and enhanced recovery levels
  • Increased physical robustness and reduced potential for sport related injury
  • Guidance and education for young athletes through their growth and maturation phases

Introducing Mike, a UKSCA Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach who’s a member of the Kent Rugby Coaching Setup. Mike’s roots in Kent Rugby run deep, having represented the county both during his school years and in adult age groups. His profound understanding of the game and his passion for athletic development drive his desire to contribute to the county’s success. Check out his YouTube channel by clicking on the link. Mike’s expertise is just a click away for all your S&C-related enquiries and insights.

The KCRFU is keen to do all that it can to further player welfare, including to improve players’ strength and conditioning. We confirm that we have completed due diligence on Mike as a provider of services to our representative teams, however, KCRFU has no responsibility or liability for the advice or services provided.