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CPD Coaching Courses

Kids First TAG
Aimed at those coaching U6- U8 Tag Rugby, this course focuses on how to develop players movement skills, to coach through game zone/ skill zone approach, game management and refereeing. It will explore the Tag Rugby rules and the core skills needed to play Tag Rugby. Pre-Requisites: Must be at least 14 years old on event start date.

All below courses cancelled due to Lockdown.

Kids First Contact
This course is aimed at coaches, referees and teachers new to contact rugby, which starts at the U9 age group. It will help you understand how to safely and effectively coach and referee the scrum and tackle and also how to utilise fun, game zone/ skill zone based approach. Pre-Requisites: Must be at least 14 years old on event start date.

All below courses cancelled due to Lockdown.

England Rugby Coaching Award Level 2 Qualification

As a result of the impact of Covid the format for England Rugby Coaching and Refereeing Award courses has evolved for this season. The courses will commence with a series of monthly webinars, with tasks for the participants to work on with their players, digital resources to support them and an online community of practice where they can get support directly from the Match Official and Coach Developers. At the end of the year they will take part in 2 face to face days to complete their course. Booking has now opened for this year’s ERCA.

For further information on coaching, courses contact your local Rugby Development Officer. (See contact details on the ‘About Us’ page)

England Rugby Coaching Award Level 3 Qualification

The 2020/21 Level 3 Coaching Award will open to applicants in April 2020 for any coaches who meet the pre-requisites which can be found in the below document. We welcome applications from those coaching children, schools and youth, player pathway and adult rugby in both the male and female game.

Online coaching resource available for sevens rugby

England Rugby has opened a window of opportunity for an online coaching resource to enhance coaches’ knowledge and understanding, specifically applied to sevens rugby. This innovative digital resource has been developed in conjunction with the England Sevens head coach Simon Amor, his support staff and playing squad.

The campaign window is now open and we are excited to offer this opportunity to any coach keen to develop their sevens knowledge. If you are interested, you can find the link via the online course booking page, found here, and book on as normal. Once enrolled, you will receive emails, in a staged fashion, which will allow access to video tutorials. These will include four chapters:

  1. Attacking Space
  2. Pass / Support / Realignment
  3. The Breakdown
  4. Defensive Principles

Upon completion, your RFU record will be updated with ‘attendance’.

If you are undertaking any sevens coaching, we recommend you sign up for this opportunity to develop your knowledge of this format of the game.

Dom Tripp

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