Honda Volunteer of the Year Awards

The Honda Volunteer of the Year Awards 2023 will recognise and celebrate volunteers across Rugby for their achievements over the past 12 months.

To recognise the outstanding contribution that volunteers have made to both their rugby clubs and the wider community, this year’s national awards programme will focus on three specific categories:

  • Game for All
  • Unsung Hero
  • Challenging Spirit

Nominations can be made for an individual, or a team of volunteers within a club, who have gone above and beyond over the course of the past 12 months.

Nominations will close on Friday 24th February (17.00).

The Honda Volunteer of the Year awards will once again be staged at Twickenham in in September.

Full terms & conditions can be found here.


Aim of Award

This award will recognise an individual, or group of rugby volunteers, who have gone above and beyond over the past 12 months to provide positive experiences, enhance member enjoyment & ensure their club/referee society is fit for the future.

Award Summary

This award is looking to recognise those who have a desire to continually develop the club. This could be through undertaking several key tasks to support the club often behind the scenes, a willingness to lend a hand to support the future sustainability of the club or a positive attitude to developing themselves.


Aim of Award

This award is to recognise an individual or a group of volunteers who have demonstrated a can-do attitude to overcoming challenges and/or implemented new ideas to help re-build after the pandemic.

Award Summary

This could include (but not limited to) taking a pro-active approach to recruiting and or/retaining players (for example championing Play Together, Stay Together), embracing new ways of playing to increase the number of games played (for example adoption of Game On framework) or collaborating with other clubs/organisations.


Aim of Award

This award will recognise those who have developed an inspiring offer to open the game up to new & under-represented audiences & make the game more inclusive and accessible for all.

Award Summary

This could include (but not limited to) growing the Women  & Girls game, improving accessibility for participants from ethnically diverse communities, delivering initiatives to overcome barriers for those from lower socio-economic groups, driving work forwards to support increased LGBT+ participation in rugby or delivering mixed ability rugby.


If you want to recognise a volunteer, or a group of volunteers, who have gone above and beyond over the past 12 months:

Nominate Here
Nominations close Friday 24th February 2023 (17.00)

If you have any queries regarding the completion of this form, please contact


We’ve put together some top tips to consider when writing the application:

  1. Check the summary for each of the awards to ensure you are nominating for the right one and make sure you consider the criteria for that award category
  2. Nominations should include evidence to support and illustrate the impact and achievements of the volunteer or team of volunteers in the award category, and where possible be supported by facts and figures
  3. Keep to the word limit and ensure the information provided is concise and relevant. With a word limit of 250, this could mean that some answers are provided in bullet point format
  4. The awards are focused on activity which has taken place over the past 12 months (1st January – 31st December 2022)
  5. Once you have drafted an application, it may be worth asking someone else within the club to have a look over the application