Despite the encouraging news that rugby may now progress to Stage C of the RFU’s ‘Return to Rugby Roadmap’, the date of when rugby at the community level can fully recommence remains highly uncertain.

In the meantime, the RFU is considering how best to support the adult men’s game, to ensure its future health and sustainability. The RFU’s objective, which the Kent County RFU fully supports, is to meet the needs of current and future players, balancing quality of experience and player welfare needs with less travel, whilst at the same time protecting the sustainability of clubs.

The RFU has published a series of proposals for the adult male competition structure of the English Club Championship from Level 3 (National One) downwards for implementation in 2021-22 (see below link), as well as in respect of Cup competitions.

The proposals include reducing league sizes, introducing league break weekends, and organising leagues that minimise travel, all essential to meet the game’s needs. 

These proposals will affect or have the potential to affect all clubs. We therefore strongly encourage all of our clubs in Kent, at whichever level of the game they participate, to review the RFU’s proposals and to provide the RFU with feedback on its proposals.

As you will see from the RFU’s website, comments on the proposals are requested to facilitate discussion and a decision by the RFU Council on 2 October; the proposals themselves will not be implemented unless agreed by the Council.

Should you have any specific comments, including any representations that Roger Clarke might make at the 2 October, Council meeting, then please pass them to him at and/or, copying to me, also, at

Clubs may also contact  should they have any questions that they wish to put to the RFU directly.

David Clent
Chairman, Game Development Committee