Kent County RFU U18 Trials For Boys in year 13 From 1st September 2019

Kent County RFU is requesting nominations for Kent U18 Representative Team. Please note that this invitation is for NEW NOMINATIONS for boys not previously involved in the Kent U18’s & U17’s programmes. Eligible boys who have previously been selected for Kent U18/U17 squads will automatically be invited to attend trials.

A small selection of boys in the current U16 Kent Developing Player Programme will be invited to trial for the Kent U18’s, based on their past performances. For the remaining players in year 12 from 1st September 2019 or those not selected from the current U16 Kent DPP further information will be coming out with regards the Kent U17’s programme.

When considering your nomination please be aware that Kent U18’s like to play a fast, free-flowing expansive game of rugby. We have limited training prior to our games; players will need to embrace the game plan and be able to execute it in a game scenario in a finite time. We need adaptable players who are keen to play with likeminded people.

Selection Criteria:

  • Work Rate– The fundamental value to develop and succeed.
  • Social Skills– Players should communicate effectively on and off the pitch.
  • Physical Potential– What they can achieve physically in the future.
  • The Point of Difference– An ability that gives a player their unique identity.

READY TO NOMINATE – Please read the following carefully:

In order to streamline the nominations, process we have an online system. Please follow the instructions carefully. Should you have any difficulties with this please contact the Kent Rugby Office. (

You may nominate up to 3 players ONLY. Please confirm the eligibility of your players BEFORE you nominate them.

To use the on-line system please follow these important guidelines:

Please DO NOT use CHROME as your browser as any submission using this browser will not be received. Alternative browsers such as FireFox or Safari are recommended. A successful submission will receive a confirmation email.

Complete all fields, making sure that the e-mail addresses are correct, (this will be the email address by which your player is contacted to notify them that they have been nominated). Please do not use school email addresses for the players as these do not always deliver.


Deadline for nominations is Friday 19th July 2019. 

Venue and times will be sent out with the invitations in due course.

Peter Johnson – Manager of Kent U18 Boys.