Kent County U15 & U18 Girl’s Development Days – Online Nominations are open.

Kent County RFU are seeking nominations from coaches and teachers for Kent County U18 and U15 Girl’s Development Days scheduled for Jan/Feb 2021. The nominations are open until 31st Dec 2020.

Information for Nominations
You can nominate a maximum of 6 players per club or school. Please see the selection criteria below.

Once you have submitted your nominations you will receive by email a copy of your submission which tells you that your nominations have been submitted successfully. Please check that all details submitted are correct. If you do not receive a confirmation email your submission has NOT been received and you should therefore submit your nominations again.

On submitting your nominations, it automatically triggers an email to inform the player that they have been nominated and any details about the development days. For all youth nominations, the parent of the player is also notified. Please ensure that all contact email addresses are correct, otherwise, the player will not receive an invite or parents will not be informed. Please DO NOT use School email addresses, as these do not always get through the school firewall.

Please DO NOT use Internet Explorer as Microsoft no longer supports this browser.