Update on Leagues for the start of the season.

Following a meeting of the Adult Competition Management Sub-Committee to review the league programme and pitches after the recent heatwave, it was agreed not to introduce a blanket delay and to continue to exercise discretion on a case-by-case basis with protocols in place for situations where either 

  • (a) pitches are deemed too hard 


  • (b) players are deemed to be unprepared due to a lack of contact training due to hard pitches

It is clear there are big regional differences in pitch conditions and whilst acknowledging the challenges some clubs, coaches and players are encountering, clubs and competition organisers should endeavour to prepare effectively and safely for the scheduled start to the season where possible.  Competition Organising Committees will be in touch with more details. 

The situation will be kept under review and we encourage ongoing communication between teams, match officials and competition organisers. As CB Merit Leagues are not subject to Regulation 6, the decision to postpone fixtures or not lies with local competition organisers.  At the present time, we are not envisaging an impact on RFU National Age Grade Competitions e.g. Schools cup, Age Grade clubs cup, but again we will keep it under review.

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  4. AGP support

The KCRFU Adult Competitions Sub Committee confirm that the season start dates for the following local Kent administered leagues are as follows;

Kent Invicta League 17th September 

Kent Metropolitan Leagues 17th September 

Kent Rural Leagues 1st October (but can bring back to 17th September if clubs are in agreement.

The above leagues remain flexible,as opposed to our clubs at the following levels ;

NCA level 4 administered 

RFU / London & SE ROC levels 5 to 10 administered ‘’

Confirmation is awaited