Update on Return to Rugby

This is an interim note between Christmas and New Year pending RFU and Government representatives having further focussed discussions when they return to work in the New Year.

1. Government COVID Guidelines as currently drafted only specify organised sport for those up to 18. They are mute on adult sport which we understand to be banned at Community level in Tier 4.

2. No mention of training has currently been made by the RFU or the Government but our interpretation pending further discussion is that we have effectively gone back from Step E on the return to play to step A (at tier 4 level) which means that if any players want to train it needs to be with one other player only.

If there are any further updates or detail relating to this note then you will receive it from the RFU in the normal manner through a Community Game update or a COVID 19 bulletin in due course but we felt it would be helpful for you to receive this clarification note from Kent County RFU.’

Kent County Executive Committee.