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KCRFU approval must be granted before any teams are combined.  A lack of a response to any application must not be deemed to be silent consent to the application. Unless you have received written approval from the KCRFU, the teams for whom the application has been made must not combine.

When completing this form, please refer to the information ‘bubbles’, which provide essential additional instructions and guidance.

Combining teams should happen on an exceptional basis, only and be considered strictly in accordance with the reasons contained within Clause 15.2 of Regulation 15.

If there are more players of the older age group within the team, then you must provide a detailed explanation of how players will be managed, to ensure no more than 1/3rd of the team on the pitch are of the older age group will be required. It will be more difficult to gain approval in this instance.

Combining teams is a temporary measure and detailed plans on how teams of discreet age groups will be achieved in the short term are to be appended to the application. Applications without these plans will be refused.

The reasoning for combining teams should be comprehensive and demonstrate the benefit to the player(s) concerned. It is unlikely this will be done in less than 150 words.



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