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When completing this form, please refer to the information ‘bubbles’, which provide essential additional instructions and guidance.

This application form must be completed and submitted no later than 4 weeks before the tour is scheduled to take place.


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Incoming / Touring Club Details We will not accept tour operator details.

A) All activity will comply and be played in accordance with RFU Regulations, IRB Regulations and IRB Laws of the Game.

B) CB approval will be subject to completion of Schedule 1 (Incoming Tour Consent Form) which has been signed by all members of the visiting tour party.

C) CB approval of the tour will be subject to the Club obtaining the visiting Union’s approval prior to the start of the tour and the CB is entitled to withhold approval until such time as it is provided with written confirmation of the visiting Union’s approval.

D) The information and statements set out in this form are true and correct.

E) The committee fully endorses this tour application.

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