Age Grade Playing Adult Rugby Form


KCRFU approval must be granted before any 17-year-old can play adult rugby. A lack of a response to any application must not be deemed to be silent consent to the application. Unless you have received written approval from the KCRFU, the individual for whom the application has been made must not play adult rugby or train with adults.

When completing this form, please refer to the information ‘bubbles’, which provides essential additional instructions and guidance.

Age Grade to Adult rugby approval should be submitted no later than 10 days before the adult match in which the 17-year-old individual is due to participate.

Player applications will automatically be rejected unless a Club approval has been granted for the relevant team(s).

Applications will not be considered until the individual who has parental responsibility for the player has given their approval.

The player must be affiliated to the club before application is made. Unaffiliated players will be rejected.

Details of the player assessment MUST be appended to the application (See club guidance document here and Code of Practice here). The reasoning for playing a 17-year-old in adult rugby should be:

  • specific to the individual concerned,
  • comprehensive
  • and demonstrate the benefit to the player.

It is unlikely this will be done in less than 150 words.

As a general rule the younger the player in the U18 year, the less likely approval will be granted (i.e. the player must be neat 18 years of age than 17).

If the Player is eligible for Age Grade Rugby in the following season approval is unlikely.

If the player is still 17 at the start of next season, a new approval will have to be sought.

Your Details

Player Details

Player Assessment A proper assessment of the player must be conducted by (at least) a Level 2 coach. Measurements and observations of the player should be documented such as to give a full picture of the player. Approval will not be given unless this section is adequately completed. An example can be found here.

To include findings and how each element was measured. The Age Grade Codes of Practice provide guidance on supporting evidence and how it might be measured.

Coach Endorsement

This assessment must be endorsed by a coach of at least UKCC Level 2

Parent or Guardian

Additional Information

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