Youth Calendar

Download the 2021/22 calendar below.

Plans for the future landscape of youth rugby.

Following months of discussion we are delighted to tell you that for 2020-21, once it is safe to do so, the RFU have given Kent RFU dispensation to vary slightly from the national youth calendar in recognition of the difficulties arising during the Autumn Term when schools play most of their rugby (which primarily affects the U14 to U16 age grades). As a result, there will be slightly less formal (KCRFU) club rugby before Christmas for those age grades but slightly more between Christmas and Easter. This will mean more stringent rules around playing matches on the proscribed dates so, as always, make sure all coaches understand the competition rules. At the same time we have sought to avoid clashes with DPP activities, Kent Schools’ competitions and National Cup competitions in so far as it is possible.

We wish to clarify that Clubs are entitled to play friendly matches throughout the season INCLUDING in the blue “school” windows. So for U12s to U16s inclusive there will be plenty of scope for friendly matches before Christmas. As there is no “RFU structured season” for U17s and U18s clubs are entitled to play friendlies throughout the season but we ask you to bear in mind the overall playing load of boys in these age grades as they can be called on to play in many and multiple playing environments, including (once they turn 17) adult rugby and it is important that clubs help players manage their way through the playing landscape. 

We hope that our negotiated season will mean that individual players will experience less pressure to overplay or have to choose one playing environment over another. We intend to monitor how successful this initiative is and will invite feedback from age grade coaches as the season progresses.

(The above proposal will be delayed due to COVID)