Disclosure and Barring Service application process to recommence on Wednesday 1 July

The DBS system will re-open on Wednesday 1 July due to many sports beginning restricted activity.

Clubs can now prepare for this re-opening in a number of ways:

• Clubs can prioritise those in the children’s workforce whose applications have expired, or who are new applicants ready for ID verification, and applications can be submitted from Wednesday 1 July.

• Clubs should carry out a safer recruitment process for new applicants including use of the volunteer forms to assess their suitability to work/ volunteering with children. The volunteer form can be found here.

• Club Safeguarding Officers and other ID verifiers should ensure that they have ready access to the DBS E Bulk system i.e. their account is active and password is known. If not, please contact dbseapp@rfu.com

Please note that Regulation 21 remains in force and clubs must not engage anyone, or appoint a volunteer, to work with children on a paid or voluntary basis who is not DBS cleared. While following social distancing guidelines, ID verification must take place in person.

While awaiting their DBS disclosure certificate, a person may temporarily work on a paid or voluntary basis with children provided that they are actively supervised at all times by a person who is DBS cleared by the RFU. This will apply to those who submitted applications prior to the cessation of the DBS process and who are still awaiting a certificate, as well as those applications submitted on and after Wednesday 1 July.

Any activity with children must follow the Return to Community Rugby Roadmap and comply with Regulation 15.8 ‘Season and Out of Season Activity’.

The RFU expect all those involved in Age Grade Rugby to respect the principles in the Age Grade Codes of Practice and to comply with RFU Safeguarding Policy.

The welfare of children is paramount at all times. For any further help or support, please contact safeguarding@rfu.com