Free Shirt for all Club Referees!

The Kent Referees Group is a forum and community for all active referees within Kent. Whether you are refereeing junior or senior games, you are encouraged to be a part of this group

All you need to do to join the Kent Referees Group is to complete the registration form available via the link below. All members will be invited along to regular training sessions and meetings that will take place across Kent and will be provided with useful updates on law changes, law interpretations, and good refereeing practices. All members will receive a FREE referee shirt.

Once we have received your application, we will arrange for an experienced referee to observe you during a match to make you an accredited member of the group. Accreditation is recognition that you have met the minimum standard set by Kent County RFU.

Kent Referees Group Accreditor

Are you an experienced referee and want to help support your club referees become accredited?

If so, and you meet the below minimum standards, we would encourage you to help grow the Kent Referees Group through observing and accrediting your club referees.

You can become an accreditor if you are a Level 2 (or equivalent) qualified referee and meet one of the following criteria:

  • An active society referee/coach/assessor
  • A Club Referee Co-ordinator (CrefC)
  • An England Rugby Educator/Trainer
  • An accredited Kent Refereeā€™s Group Referee with a minimum of 1 years Refereeing experience

If you meet the above requirements then please select Yes to becoming an Accreditor on the registration form and highlight how you meet the minimum requirements

Registration Form: