Kent County U12 Competition

2019-20 Season

Entry Forms for U12 Waterfall competition.

Due to the vagaries of our weather it has proven challenging to find venues for all groups, so thank you for your patience whilst we resolved this.
We now have hosts for the vast majority of groups.

Groups A,B,D,E,F,G,H,J will play Sunday 26th January at 10:00h at the host ground shown below your group.

Group C will play at TJs but on 2nd February

Group I -we are waiting to see if Cranbrook can host either at the club or school. If not we will have to push to 2nd February and again invite all teams in that group to host.

Contact details have been circulated to nominated club contacts.

See Here for where the festivals are being held and the teams attending each group.

Stuart Pollard – U12 Competition Manager