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Kent County RFU Digital Handbook

In the current economic climate, and with falling revenues, Kent RFU has recently had to make some hard decisions on how and where it spends its budget.

As a consequence of this, one area of budget saving is in regard to the annual Handbook, which is no longer being produced in a printed format. Changing to a digital format allowed us the flexibility to split it into 2 main sections – the first being the current ‘live’ information for the Season, and the second half being the Alumni of Kent RFU – forming a historical archive. More historical information will be added as it becomes available. Both documents can be accessed and downloaded below.

Kent County RFU Handbook 2018-2019

Kent County RFU Alumni

The main section of the handbook has also been re-ordered in what we hope is a more logical format for people to access the information they may be looking for.

Another advantage of having the Handbook in a digital format means that we will be able to make any amendments as and when they occur, not having to wait a year for a new printed version.  On that topic, if you notice any mistakes or have any queries, please contact Tracy Pettingale at who will be able to make any necessary changes.

We hope you like the updated version of the Handbook.